Kudos 4 Oy

This is where I keep a record of those little competition wins and other Kudos that help to make this hobby worthwhile.

Country & Border Life Magazine : April 2006Country & Border Life Magazine : April 2006

My bee photo made the front cover. They also used a similar shot as the background to a two page article inside.

The photo was taken during a lunctime walk in Mesnes Park, Wigan. Nikon D70 with Sigma 50mm EX DG Macro lens.

Here's a bigger version of the cover and the credit inside.




Online Photography Competitions

Online competitions are a great way to get some feedback on your photography.
Here are a selection of my successes.

Saxy MusicPhotozo.com Bi-Weekly competition "Musicality" - Winner

(Yes, Kaliyoda is me too LOL!)

The photo was taken using light reflected off the ceiling from a hallogen uplight. Nikon D70 with Nikkor 18-70mm lens. F11 for 1 Second.
I called it "Saxy Music." This is also a good example of how "fickle" this game can be. I eneterd the same photograph in another competion with the same theme and got no votes - LOL!

Here's the page over at Photozo. It's competition No.66

A bigger version of the photo is in my "Other stuff" section here at Oyphotos.



Happysnappers.co.uk "Your home town" competition
- Joint Winner

I was very happy with this handheld shot of Wigan Pier at night considering I'd forgotten my tripod! Nikon D70 with Nikkor 18-70mm. 1.5" at F8.

Here's a screen grab of the Happysnappers site at the time.

A bigger version of the photo is in my "Wigan Pier " gallery here at Oyphotos.


AutumnWDPhoto.co.uk - "Autumn" Competition 2005 - First Place

This shot was taken in Lever Park Gardens, Rivington. Nikon D70 with Nikkor 18-70mm lens.

A bigger version of the photo is in my "Rivington" gallery here at Oyphotos.