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Honey Bee on LavenderHi and welcome to my collection of photographs.

I hope you enjoy the images that I have on display here. There are currently 1078 photographs for you to browse. * Indicates that the page has been updated recently.

I've been a keen photographer for many years, but moreso over the last couple of years since health issues caused me to give up some of my more energetic pastimes. This has allowed me to concentrate more on my photography, which is my main pastime these days.

My current kit is based around the excellent Nikon D200 Digital SLR with a selection of lenses to suit my wide photographic interests. I also occasionally use 35mm film - especially for period and "arty" black & white work. You will find details of the equipment I have used under some of my photographs.

I also help run a friendly internet photography site called ShutterNutters. Originally set up for a group of friends in my local area, we now have members from several other areas contributing on a regular basis. You are most welcome to join us there to share your photographs, get help with any photography topic and share your knowledge with us.

Images on this site are licensed by the Creative Commons Licence. If you wish to use any images from this site at the size they are here please credit me and contact me by email.You may also buy high quality prints of some of my photographs online - again email for details.

If you would like to comment on this site or my photographs please use my new guestbook.

Dave "Oy" Green

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8th Dec 06 - New Northern Ireland photos added. Portstewart and Giant's Causeway.
10th Dec 06 - Two new Flora pages and Dunluce Castle added to the Architecture page.